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Chat with your vet, video call, arrange appointments and pay for treatment and prescriptions.

No need to worry if you can’t get to our vet practice – you can now speak with us, wherever you are.

Speak to a qualified vet via mobile phone using PetsApp, from the comfort of your home or on the move. With a face-to-face call you can show us the problem and we can direct you to help us to diagnose many of the health issues your pet may be experiencing.

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Chat to your vet

Fluffy not quite right? Spot looking off colour? Dr. Google got you scared witless? Get personalised pet care advice from the veterinary team you know and trust.

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Video consultations

Face-to-face consultation with your vet without leaving home. Stress-free for you and your pet. Best part is, no vomiting in the car for Spot, no cat carrier for Fluffy.

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Join Cockburn Vets on PetsApp today and start speaking to a vet whenever you need to.

You can download PetsApp from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

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