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Cockburn Vets Awarded Gold in Cat Friendly Clinics and Care

We are extremely proud to be one of the only local veterinary practices in Leicestershire to be awarded a gold standard certificate in the International Society of feline medicines cat friendly clinic initiative.

We recognise that cats have very unique needs, and that a visit to the vets can be a very stressful experience. The cat friendly initiative is designed to make visits to the practice easy for owners and pets alike. As veterinary professionals, our ultimate goal is to ensure the welfare of our patients is upheld, it is therefore of paramount importance to minimise stress levels.

So, what measures have we implemented at Cockburns? And what benefit do these changes have on our feline friends?

    • Separate waiting area for cats, with benches to place carriers away from the floor – this ensures they are away from the sights and smells of other animals – mainly dogs.
    • Cat appeasing pheromones – towels are sprayed with these pheromones and used to cover your cat carrier in the waiting room, these help to calm your pet as soon as they arrive, and will follow your cat into the consulting room for them to sit on during their exam.
    • Cat only hospital ward – large kennels with shelves and hides allow your cat to recover in peace, with plenty of places to hide and climb, this promotes a better recovery and stress free environment. Research into feline medicine has shown that providing this recovery environment promotes better welfare.
    • Various cat food and cat litter types – to enable us to replicate as close as possible your cats normal routine at home.
      15 minute consult times – it takes a little longer to adjust to their environment, and we find, providing them 15 minutes, allows them time to adjust before we examine them.
    • Specially trained staff – we have nurses and vets who have undergone training to assist them to assess your cat and understand their special requirements and cater to their behaviours.
      Specialist equipment – smaller equipment such as blood pressure cuffs, dental equipment and x-rays to facilitate our smaller patients.

Keeping all our patients calm and comfortable is our priority, and we hope these additional measures give you peace of mind, and ensure your feline pal has the best experience when they come to visit us! If you have any queries or advice on how we can help you and your cat, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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