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Dog’s Saving Lives One Blood Donation at a Time!

It is a scenario we dread as dog owners, that our beloved pet is the victim of a traumatic accident or complex medical disease. But did you know that when your pet needs it most, there are other dogs helping to save their lives?

The Pet Blood bank was established in 2007 and was the first charity to collect, store, process and distribute canine blood. The Pet blood bank organises collection sessions all over the country, where brave dogs and generous owners dedicate 30 minutes of their time in order to give someone else more time with their pet. To date, there are 9,000 registered donors, but the demand for blood is great, and more lifesavers are needed!

Criteria for Donating

  • Donor dogs must be between 1-9 years old
  • Over 25kgs in weight
  • Have never left the country
  • Be fully vaccinated
  • Never been the recipient  a blood transfusion

The Pet blood bank health screens a select amount of their dogs annually for blood-borne diseases and all donors have a pre-screening appointment to check they are suitable to donate.

Dogs will donate 500mls of blood, which takes just under 5 minutes; this unit of blood can then go on to save four lives! And can be split into various, usable components, including whole blood and plasma. Interestingly, dogs have two main blood types DEA1.1 Positive and DEA1.1 Negative, unlike people who have 8!

Donors are then given a lifesavers bandanna, a goody bag and a tasty meal to thank them!
The blood is taken back to their purpose built laboratory where it is processed and stored ready for use, day or night!
Dogs with bleeding disorders such as von willebrands disease and anaemia often receive blood products, along with patients who unfortunately are victims of trauma and blood loss.

If you think your pet may be a good candidate to donate blood, you can search for any sessions close to you by following this link;

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