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While we offer the routine pet care consultation and veterinary surgery you’d expect, we also provide a wide range of advanced diagnosis and treatment types for the most demanding situations. When you’re looking for vets in Leicestershire you can trust, we’re all you need to know.


Digital radiography for diagnosis

More commonly known as x-ray, we use plain and contrast radiographs to identify injuries and investigate a wide variety of other complaints, using all the safety precautions you find in A&E. We also work closely British Veterinary Association on hip dysplasia (HD) and elbow dysplasia (ED) scoring, providing specific x-rays to help the BVA and breeders eradicate this genetic problem.


Veterinary endoscopy and Laparoscopy for keyhole convenience

Invasive, open surgery can be traumatic and mean an extended recovery period for your companion. Where appropriate we can use veterinary endoscopic or laparoscopic (keyhole surgery) techniques. We can look inside your pet to investigate breathing and vomiting problems and even perform surgical procedures like bitch spays – greatly reducing the side effects of traditional surgery.


Vet tonometry to prevent glaucoma blindness

We measure the internal eye (intraocular) eye pressure to detect and manage glaucoma in your pet at an early a stage as possible – much as your optician would.


Dentistry for Pets in Leicestershire

Oral hygiene is as important for your companion animal as it is for you, so we offer ultrasonic scaling and polishing of your pet’s teeth for a fresher – nicer to be around – smile! We are also able to take Xrays of teeth just like your dentist does.



Using our ultrasound equipment we are able to scan chests and abdomens to examine organs such as the heart, bladder, spleen, intestines and liver to help us diagnose many problems without surgery. We can also do pregnancy scans from as early as four weeks after mating.


In-House Laboratory

Our on-site laboratory allows us to perform a range of blood tests and microscopic examinations with same day results for your pet. This can help us to reach diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment more quickly. We are also able to use external reference laboratories when necessary.

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